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Located in scenic Guilin, a world-famous tourist destination and a city rich in Chinese history and culture, Guilin University of Electronic Technology (GUET) is a state university. The university covers an area of about 2,756 acres, which is divided into three campuses: the East campus, the West Campus, and the Yaoshan campus. The university’s 16 schools and departments offer 45 under-graduate programs, 34 post-graduate programs and 8 master programs for Engineering, and six state-funded programs. Flexible modules are available to full-time and part-time students seeking a certificate, Bachelor’s, or Master's degree. Distinguished students in select fields can enter one of the new practical and rigorous doctorial programs. GUET enrolls students from all parts of China as well as students from Hong Kong, Macao and various other foreign countries. Currently there are more than 20,000 students studying at the university.
The history of GUET describes an attractive profile of steady growth and beneficent change. Founded in February 1960 by the First Ministry of Mechanical Industry of China, it was initially named “Guilin Mechanical Faculty”, and it was charged to train talent in the disciplines of Mechanics and Electronics.
Re-named “Guilin Institute of Electronic Technology” in 1980 by the Fourth Ministry of Mechanical Industry of China, it expanded its intake to include the recruiting of diploma program and undergraduate program students from all over China. The institute was governed by the Ministry of Electronic Industry of China from 1983.
In 1986, it was accredited to carry on postgraduate programs in the award of master’s degrees. By 2000, the university was governed and financed by the Ministry of Information Industry of China.
The new University was accredited to run doctoral programs in 2003, and three years later, in 2006, it was renamed “Guilin University of Electronic Technology”. This is the name by which it is currently known, and since March 2008, it has been governed jointly by the Guangxi Municipality Government and the Ministry of Information Industry of China.
Guilin University of Electronic Technology is a state university in the field of Information Technology, with a view to becoming a world-respected center of excellence in exploring and instilling knowledge in areas of electronic science and technology.
GUET’s mission is enshrined in the Chinese ex-President Mr. Jiang Zemin’s injunction: Training more qualified talents for the electronic industry. (Mr. Jiang Zemin visited Guilin University of Electronic Technology in November 1990)
It is located in Guilin, a world-famous tourist destination and historically cultural city (more than 2000 years), conveniently reaching Guangzhou, Shenzheng, Kunming, Changsha, Hong Kong, Wuhan and Macaw within one hour by air, and 40minutes to Yangshuo by bus.
With more than 2,000 years of cultural history, Guilin has gained a strong reputation as “the best place under the heaven” both at home and abroad for its unique scenery: green hills, rocky cliffs, clear water, numerous caves, and stones of various shapes. This wonderfully variegated city is a perfect product of nature and culture. The famous Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty, Han Yu, wrote a poem that gave a vivid description of Guilin's landscape. It said the Li River curves around the mountains, just like the silk sash ballooning in the wind, while the mountains stand sharply in harmonious imitation of jade hairpins.
The university lays great emphasis on international cooperation and exchanges and has established cooperative ties with many universities and research institutes worldwide. It also invites famous foreign scholars and political personages to be the part-time professors, honorary professors or guest professors. Apart from that, the University has several foreign teachers from different countries and regions. Gulin University of Electronic Technology welcomes the cultural diversity the international students and teachers bring to campus life.
During the past years after its founding, the university has gradually achieved recognition for the strength of its leading-edge research and high quality teaching. The graduates from Guilin University of Electronic Technology are prized by employers and its employment status is reach upwards of 68% in recent years.
Benefited from the new favorable opportunities of development and stimulated by the new challenge, Guilin University of Electronic Technology is working hard for building a high-level university well known both at home and abroad. On this basis, still greater efforts are to be made to raise the teaching, scientific research and every other work of the university to international advanced levels so that the university can enjoy higher position and greater prestige in the international academic circles in the near future.

Welcome to study at Guilin University of Electronic Technology(桂林电子科技大学)