Jingduyingxiang International Travel Service is a local travel agent which specializes in providing Beijing tour packages with English speaking services for foreign tourists. Since our establishment, Jingduyingxiang International Travel Service has developed from a small initial shop into a well organized and truly independent travel agent in Beijing. We have our own English speaking tour guides as well as drivers to guarantee the best return of your money. is still striving to remain committed in order to provide competitive travel while maintaining high levels of service quality to all our valued customers.

Why travel with us?
Perhaps you feel that all travel agencies in China are the same and that they offer the same experience. This is simply not true, and Jingduyingxiang International Travel Service can prove this. We pride ourselves on delivering the best experience and service to our clients. We stand out among our competitors for our attention to detail and passion for Beijing & China. Our main goal is to make your Beijing & China trip a smooth and memorable experience.

Jingduyingxiang International Travel Service is a local travel agency based in Beijing. We work directly with local guides, drivers, and venues to provide quality services. Our response to inquiries about pricing and questions about tours are answered promptly and we are available to help with any issues while you are traveling. Our staff is composed of Beijing locals who know the city well and are willing to assist any travelers with problems at any time. In addition to offering travel services, we also provide travel tips, information, pictures and videos. You can purchase our tour packages online.


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  1. You will have an authentic China experience
  2. Tours giving you freedom & flexibility
  3. Commitment to customer service through team
  4. Commitment to quality
  5. Integrity and honesty - first and foremost
  6. Memberships and partnerships
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