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LMU Scholarship for International Students

1. Name: LMU Scholarship for International Students


2. Content

A total of 100 marks will be given in terms of students’ code of conduct and academic record, of which students’ code of conduct accounts for 30% and the academic record accounts for 70%. The scholarship will be granted based on the evaluation of the above two aspects.


3. Standards

Ordinary students must obtain over 52.5 marks and student leaders over 49 marks in the comprehensive evaluation (which mean ordinary students must have an academic record of above 75 and student leaders above 70).

Comprehensive evaluation marks 85, the student will be eligible for the application of first-class scholarship which is 4000 Yuan;


Comprehensive evaluation marks <80 and ≥75, the student will be eligible for the application of second-class scholarship which is 2000 Yuan;


Comprehensive evaluation marks75, the student will be eligible for the application of third-class scholarship which is 1000 Yuan.


4. Funded program: MBBS (LMU’s international students who meet basic requirements can apply for the scholarship)


5. Applicant qualifications:

1) Abide by Chinese laws and LMU’s rules and regulations;

2) Love LMU and his own profession; have clear goal and positive attitude; have decent academic record;

3) Participate in social activities, recreational and sports activities actively;

4) Be polite and respect teachers and students; all courses must be above 70 marks; assessment course must be above 60;

5) The evaluation will be made in terms of each grade;

6) Study Chinese hard, HSK Level Three or above will be preferred.


6. Application date: the evaluation will be made at the end of each semester, while the scholarship will be awarded on the next opening ceremony.


7. Evaluation method: a comprehensive evaluation of students’ code of conduct and academic record.


8. Awarding organization: Liaoning Medical University College of International Education


9. Contact: Student’s Administration Office, Room 114, No.4 Teaching Building, Liaoning Medical University.



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