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Entry Northwest A&F University Qualification


Entry Qualification

Ⅰ. The foreigners, Chinese with other nationality or overseas Chinese who abide by the laws of China, observe the regulations of NWAFU, respect the habits and customs of the Chinese people, and be in good health are welcome to apply for studying at NWAFU. For undergraduate study, a high school diploma is required;for master’s degree program, an undergraduate diploma or a bachelor degree certificate needed;for doctoral degree program, a certificate of master degree necessary.

Ⅱ. Those who apply for programs in Chinese should pass the HSK Examinations (Chinese Level Examinations) (can get training in NWAFU); Those who apply for programs in English should have a fluent level of English, certified by a TOEFL score of 550, IELTS 5.5 or equivalent (except for the students whose native language is English).

III. There are two semesters in an academic year at NWAFU: first semester--September to January; second semester--February to July. The deadline for Application is May 31 for the following academic year.

Application Procedure

I. Applicants submit the application form that can be obtained from the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange.

II. Applicants submit the following materials and application fee to Office of International Cooperation and Exchange.

The graduate student for a master’s /doctoral degree: Application Form, Diploma, Certificate, Student Transcript, and two Letters of Reference.

The undergraduate: Application Form, High School Certificate, and Transcript

The student of Chinese language: Application Form, Study Description

III. With Admission Letter issued by NWAFU and Form JW202, applicants may arrange visa application procedures at any Chinese embassies and consulates in their countries.

Enrollment and Register

Applicants are required to register Northwest A&F University within the specified time with passport, Admission Letter, and Health Certificate offered by hospitals of home countries. At the same time, ten half-length photos of one inch without cap and the application fees are required.

Required Fees

Ⅰ. Application Fee
400 RMB Yuan or an equivalent amount RMB with the foreign students application form within the definite time

Ⅱ. Note: The fees for study will be accordance with NWAFU’s publicized fees of the year (RMB Yuan/Year)

1.The student of Chinese language   12,000

2.The undergraduate      16,000

3.The graduate student for a master’s degree 17,600-20,000

4.The graduate student for a doctoral degree 21,600-24,000

III. Fees for each student of a short-term class of Chinese language (RMB Yuan):

1.4,400 for 3 months

2.2,800 for 2 months

3.1,600 for 1 month

IV. Fees for each student who does internship

According to the program and period

Study Period

The undergraduate student                      4 years

The graduate student for a master’s degree    3 years

The graduate student for a doctoral degree     3-5 years

The short-term class of Chinese language       6-12 months


Furnished apartment with household appliances, with three single/double bedrooms and a living room on the campus; living room, bathroom, and kitchen are shared.1,200 RMB/student/month or 800 RMB/student/month

Address (for contact) :
Office of International Cooperation and Exchange
Northwest A&F University
3 Taicheng Road, Yangling
Shaanxi 712100
Tel: +86-29-87082857
Fax: +86-29-87082892
E-mail: ipo@nwsuaf.edu.cn



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