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Students in NCUT Won a Prize in 2012 International Landscape Architecture Competition


On 27th September, 2012 year “ Yuanye Cup” International Landscape Architecture competition result came out,the graduation design works “Culture•Revitalizatio——Street landscape design modification of Beijing central axis Dian door avenue to jingshan west street period’ completed by Institute of Architecture & Engineering student Yang Lu majored in urban planning and guided by teacher Xinyang won planning work group’s consolation prize. It was first time that NCUT obtained award in the competition. 

"Yuanye Cup” International Landscape Architecture competition was hosted by China construction education association together with Chinese flowers gardening and landscaping industry association, and co-organized by over 20 Landscape architecture related departments, it was a competition for domestic and international relevant professional landscape architecture (including the architecture, city planning, etc.) undergraduate graduate students’ graduation design (or thesis). The competetion is held one time every year, so far it has been held 3 times, the influenceof the competetion is increasing year as to become one of the most important competitions of Landscape & architecture Science. The competition planning work group received a total of more than 300 works, totally 36 pieces of which won the first, second and third prize, and 59 pieces won the consolation prize.    

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