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Welcome to Northwestern Polytechnical University(西北工业大学)

Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) is China’s only research-oriented, multi-disciplinary, and international university of science and technology, which simultaneously excels at Aeronautics, Astronautics, and Marine Engineering. The University emphasizes science and technology, while harmoniously developing the fields of management, humanities, economics, and law.

The predecessors of Northwestern Polytechnical University were the State Northwestern Engineering College and Huadong Aeronautical College. In 1957, the two colleges merged into Northwestern Polytechnical University.

The NPU campus covers an area of 2,917 mu. The University offers 53 undergraduate programs, 101 graduate programs, 57 doctoral programs and ten postdoctoral research stations. It also has the authority to confer the MBA and Master of Engineering Degrees.


Currently, NPU has 1430 full and associate professors and senior engineers, among whom there are 15 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Science, five foreig..View more

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Program Degree Tuition Details
Astronautics Bachelor's Degree RMB18000/Y Details
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor's Degree RMB18000/Y Details
Aeronautical Engineering Master's Degree RMB24000/Y Details
Electrical Engineering and Automation Master's Degree RMB24000/Y Details
Chemical Technology Master's Degree RMB24000/Y Details
Information and Communication Engineering Doctoral Degree RMB32000/Y Details
Engineering Mechanics Bachelor's Degree RMB18000/Y Details
Structure Engineering Master's Degree RMB24000/Y Details
Structure Engineering Doctoral Degree RMB32000/Y Details
Computer Organization and Architecture Master's Degree RMB24000/Y Details
Chinese Language Training Program Non-degree RMB24000/Y Details
Computing Mathematics Doctoral Degree RMB32000/Y Details

Welcome to study at Northwestern Polytechnical University(西北工业大学)