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Ningxia University, established in 1958, has experienced almost half a century’s development and now becomes the key provincial comprehensive university run by both the Ministry of Education and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region after two mergers since 1997.


Ningxia University is located in the Xixia District of Yinchuan City. Surrounded by lush lawns and wide lakes, with the magnificent buildings and comprehensive facilities, it provides a beautiful environment for students. Ningxia University shows its vitality through the devoted faculty members and energetic students, multipurpose centers, a modern library with rich collections, advanced laboratories, regulation sports ground and stadium, wide-spread information networks and fully equipped students’ dorms.


In almost 50 years, Ningxia University has cultivated more than 60,000 qualified graduates in various fields and specialties, making great contributions to the local economic and social development.


Currently, holding the concept of Scientific Development and carrying out important thoughts of "Three Represents", Ningxia University emphasizes its educational philosophy of “cultivating talents in combination with the spirit of humanities and science”, and placing the individual as its highest priority. It comprehensively focuses on quality education with unique characteristics and educational style so as to continuously improve teaching quality and strengthen scientific technology innovation and achievements. In addition, by carrying out the strategy of open development and strengthening the cooperation and exchanges with domestic and foreign universities and colleges, Ningxia University raises its impact both at home and abroad.


In the "Eleventh Five-year" plan, Ningxia University will focus on the principles of "preserve, deepen, improve and develop”, pursue the balanced development of internal and external force and continue to deepen the reforms of education, scientific technology system, personnel regulations and administration. Following the motto of "Be Moral, Diligent, True and Creative”, and emphasizing the spirit of “Devotion and Development”, we are making Ningxia University a comprehensive university with the highest academic prestige in Western China.


Welcome to study at Ningxia University(宁夏大学)