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School of Sociology and Population Studies社会与人口学院
List of Subjects
1 Sociology (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Social work (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Public Cause Management (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Sociology (Master)   Apply
5 Anthropology (Master)   Apply
6 Demology (Master)   Apply
7 Gerontics (Master)   Apply
8 Economics of population (Master)   Apply
9 Resources and Environment (Master)   Apply
10 Social Psychology (Master)   Apply
11 Social Medicine and Sanitation Management (Master)   Apply
12 Folklore (Master)   Apply
13 Social Work (Master)   Apply
14 Sociology (Doctor)   Apply
15 Anthropology (Doctor)   Apply
16 Demology (Doctor)   Apply
17 Gerontics (Doctor)   Apply
18 Economics of population (Doctor)   Apply
19 Resources and Environment (Doctor)   Apply
20 Social Psychology (Doctor)   Apply
The School of Sociology and Population Studies was created by joining the former Department of Sociology and the Department of Demography, formally opening in March, 2003. As one of the most important teaching and research institutions in sociology in China, the School topped in the 2004 Assessment of National Grade I Disciplines. The School runs the two national key programs in sociology and demography.
Two departments of sociology and demography are in place and the departments of psychology and social work are under construction. The school has built up the Institute of Anthropology and the Institute of Gerontology besides the two key research bases of humanities and social sciences under the China Ministry of Education – Sociological Theory and Method Studies Center, Population and Development Studies Center.
Three undergraduate programs: Sociology, social work, public utilities management (population and social administration); one postdoctoral program in sociology, four doctoral degree programs in sociology, anthropology, demography and gerontology, five master’s degree programs in sociology, anthropology, demography, folklore and social work.
Faculty resources of the School are abundant with the leading sociologist Prof. The faculty members have academic interests that complement each other, whose ages are properly structured. Among them are several scholars who have returned from overseas studies in the UK, Japan, the USA and Russia. There is currently 52 fulltime faculty, of whom there are 23 professors, 16 associate professors, 13 lecturers and over 70% have received the doctoral degrees. The School provides 20 doctorial tutors and 26 master’s tutors. In addition to the fulltime faculty, more than 10 famous foreign scholars are invited from the USA, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong as part-time professors.
Based on the tenet to “promote social development and reduce social costs”, the School of Sociology and Population Studies is dedicated to carrying out various academic studies and exchange and fostering the actualization of research results in teaching and policy practice. For years, the School has taken the lead in numbers of research programs at national and ministerial levels and forged wide and fruitful partnerships with the international academic community as well as many institutions and enterprises in China. At present, with support from the 211 Program and 985 Plan, the School is furthering the major studies regarding basic theories in sociology, social changes in China and population development strategy in the 21st century, taking efforts to build up a world famous sociological school with Chinese features.
Length of Study
Undergraduate program: 4 years
Postgraduate program: 2-3 years
Doctoral program: 3 years
Application time
The RUC's enrollment period is in the fall term. In the spring term, the RUC will enroll a small number of advanced students, and a small number of those wanting to study Chinese as foreign language. The fall term begins on September 1st and the spring term begins in the latter half of February.
All application materials for students wishing to enroll in the fall must be received by RUC before the end of May. All application materials for students wishing to enroll in the spring must be received by RUC before the end of December.  
Entry Requirement
Bachelor programs: Senior-high school graduates with honor. Pass level 6 of the HSK Test (Chinese Proficiency Test) and the RUC entrance exams for prospective undergraduates.
Master's programs: Bachelor’s degree with honors. Pass level 7 of the HSK Test and the RUC entrance examinations for prospective postgraduates. Two letters of recommendation from associate professors or higher.
Doctoral programs: Master’s degree. Pass level 7 of the HSK Test and the RUC entrance exams for prospective doctoral students. Two letters of recommendation from professors.
Tuition Fees
Categories of courses
Application fee
Bachelor’s programs
RMB 600
RMB 23,200
Master’s programs
RMB 600
RMB 28,200
Doctoral programs
RMB 600
RMB 31,500

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