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The Education Foundation of Renmin University of China


In order to foster the development of educational causes, raise educational quality and academic levels, strengthen ties with the wider society, and win the support of and donations from organizations and individuals at home and abroad, the Education Foundation of Renmin University of China (EFRUC) was set up on December 8, 2004, with the approval of the Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs.
The Education Foundation of the RUC is a philanthropic organization devoted to the purpose of raising, receiving, and administering donations, and promoting the development of the University's educational causes and scientific research.
The Foundation accepts funds voluntarily donated by various philanthropic organizations, social organizations, public institutions, enterprises, and individuals both domestic and international. The assets of the Foundation are dedicated to supporting the RUC in developing her educational causes, to improve the teaching environment and teaching conditions, to reward excellent students and outstanding teachers, to subsidize basic research, teaching research, and the publication of academic works, to provide teachers with financial aid so that they may further their study abroad, and for international academic co-operation and international academic conferences, and to commend institutions and staff for their prominent contribution to the cause of the University. Donations made to specific projects may be employed in accordance with the donors' wish and intent for targeted purposes.
Contact Information
Tel.: 0086-010-6251-1426
Fax: 0086-010-6251-2341
Address: Room 807, Administration Building B, Renmin University of China 59 Zhongguancun St. Haidian District, Beijing, People's Republic of China
Zip Code: 100872

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