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Welcome to South-central University for Nationalities(中南民族大学)

Ⅰ.Entrance Qualifications and Application Procedure

1. Short-Term Classes (including vacational classes) : Applicants age 16 to 65, with a good health, are qualified to apply for study.
B.A (General Scholar) Program: Applicants should have the academic record and diploma equivalent to a Chinese high school graduate.
M.A Program: Students should possess a bachelor’s degree.
2. Application Fees and Deadline : U.S.$30 application fees paid on arrival.
The general scholar, postgraduate and master who want to begin their study in autumn, September, should apply before the end of June each year. And those who want to begin studying in spring, March, should apply before the end of December each year. No application deadline is set for Short-Term students. Tuition fees must be paid at registration.
3. Applicants are required to submit the following documents to the Foreign Affairs Office: Application form, Resume, copies of academic and graduation certificates and “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner(s)”.
4. Applicants can connect the Foreign Affairs Office if they have..View more

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Welcome to study at South-central University for Nationalities(中南民族大学)