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The China Conservatory is an institution that synthesizes the study and research of Chinese traditional music, focusing on performance, composition, theory, and music technology.The Conservatory also offers training in other fields of music as well as music education.

The China Conservatory was founded on September 21, 1964.It combined the resources of the Central Conservatory Chinese Music Department, the Beijing Arts Academy Music Department, and the China Music Research Institute, as well as bringing together renowned musicians and scholars in the field from across the country.Presently, the China Conservatory offers the following eight fields of study: Musicology, Composition, Chinese Instruments, Vocal and Opera, Piano, Music Education, Conducting, and Arts Administration.In addition, there are departments of Music Research, Extra-musical Studies, Adult Education, International Exchange, as well as an affiliated Secondary School.The Conservatory therefore offers study programs for secondary school students, undergraduates, research graduates, adults, as well as foreign students.

Currently, the China Conservatory has over seventy assistant and full professors, eleven researchers, and numerous staff members. With its talented faculty and dedicated staff, the Conservatory has produced thousands of graduates since its establishment, many of whom have become renowned scholars, artists, and performers active on the national and international stage.

To further the development of international exchange, the China Conservatory has established working relationships and exchange programs with music institutions in various areas and countries, including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the United States, France, and Germany.Each year, the Conservatory invites over ten scholars and musicians to give lectures and masterclasses, and regularly sends its own professors and students abroad to teach and perform.In 1993, following approval by the Ministry of Education, the China Conservatory began to accept short and long term foreign students from around the world.Returning to their home countries after graduation, these students have served as a valuable musical bridge between China and the world.


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