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International students of Tongji University Jely got “Chiese Bridge” Shanghai session best results


18,August, the fifth CCTV”Chines Bridge” internation students finals into the last 15 competions was held as expected. Before the competition starts, International students of Tongji University Jely beat out the competitors due to her excellent performance, successful got promotion, became the only contestant who have access to final into last 15 competetion. In the mean while, had been best contestant in Shanghai since the competions sytem was changed.
Before the Competition,Jely said she was exausted after days hard training and tense match. But made every effort to show sound spirit of Tongji University International students with full of passion and strong patience so as to get promotion.
In the competetion, Jely appeared abruptly and fell down, and was taken to have a break in backcourt. Every move of hers affected university’s leaders, CCTV directors, competitors and all the sutdnets and teachers care about her. Though a short rest and adjustment, Jely stand to the stage again. Finally fell behind the top 15 unfortunately.
In the whole competition, Jely fully showed the spirit of tenaciousness, even though she was illness, she never gave up. the game not only competied out of level, out of style, created history and showed international students’possitive, tenacious sprite.

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