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Ambassador Mingde Shi to Germany visit Hannover Confucius Institute


September 25, 2012, the new ambassador to Germany, Mingde Shi visited the Confucius Institute in Hanover hosted by my school. Ambassador Shi visited Confucius Institute’s hard facilities and school conditions, listened to reports on the work of the Confucius Institute in Hanover, and discussed about Chinese language learning and Chinese experience with representatives of Gemany middle school students participating in “Chinese Bridge” summer camp and students studying at Confucius Institute.

Ambassador Shi reviewed and combed Sina-Germany exchange history and current status as well as international situation together with people present while affirming Hannover Confucius Institute school work experience and achievements, he hoped that both China and Germany could keep making effort to develop Sino-Germany relations and convey the right image of China. At last, Ambassdar Shi presented gifts to China Center in Hannover and Hannover Confucius Institute, and Wish all staff a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. China's embassy in education counselor JiangFeng accompanied.    

Hanover Confucius Institute is the first Confucius Institute that Ambassador Shi visited since he received official post

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