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Tongji University held international students sports meeting successful


At 2 oclock afternoon of 27th November, the “2012 International Students Sports Meeting of Tongji University College of International Culture Exchnage” was held succesfully in Southern Campus. vice president Dong Qi, president Chen Qiang and vice president Pan Huibin of College of International Culture Exchange as well as Sports Department director You Songhui attended the meeting. Almost 700 foreign students form over 100 countries developed funny competition.

President Chen Qiang gave a speech on the meeting, vice presient Dong Qi announced that the sports meeting officially open.

The sports meeting had 4 parts
Athletics event
The program containsTug of War, race with palyer' legs tied together, race with ball against two players back and so on, the players work together, giving their best show and their spirits. Showed the happiness and friendship behind the game.

Funny event
The program mainly contains rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking. All the players showed their talents, fighting to be winner.


Ornamental event
In the sports meeting, some guests who are good at sprots were invited to give diabolo show and rope skipping show and so on other sports. A combination of sports and arts won people’s praise.

In the event, Chinese students and teachers teach international students jumping rubber bands, hawk-and-chicken and so on these games, by which let the international students really experience Chinese Childhood.

A rich in content, virious in form sports meeting ended after 2.5 hours, it is leaving us a forever and unfogetable memory.

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