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Tongji University Confucius Institute Scholarship Students took part in culture display and life experience activity


On the 30th Nov. the “Welcome 18th People’s Congress, Spread Folk Culture”international culture exchange diplay cum international stuentsenter the community life experience activity was held in Si Ping Community.


All the Tongji University Confucius Institute schorship students are invite to take part in the activity, 7 of which gave paper cut, living theater “Chinese langauge funny speaking” and traditional dance “Red Silk Dance”  these performance together with the community residents, after the show, over 10 scholarship students participated community life experience activity.
No the only did scholarship students watch the display and performance, but also join in it. A classic “Red Silk Dance"by Wei Sucai from America won residents praise. The paper cut performance by Mongonia and Jpanese students and Funny Speaking Chinese designed by scholarship students themselves also welcome by residents.


After the culture display activity, the community arranged students to visit fitness center, piano room, Chinese chess and panting room, calligraphy room, libraries and so on, this showed students complete comminty facilities of international city. The students compared them with that in their countries and discussed.


 In the end, the activity arranged “A bite of Shanghai” tour. Scholarship studetns visit local resident’s home and learn Shanghai cooking, make dumplins, it was first time that they stayed in shanghai people’ house, the students felt fresh about layout and decoration and they said “ Enthusiasm shanghai people, clean and beatitul house.”

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