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About Hefei
Hefei is the capital city of Anhui Province and is ranked as one of the fifty strongest cities in China. Close to the coastal area, Hefei plays an important part in connecting the eastern and western areas of China while also linking the south and the north.

Climate:Hefei belongs to humid subtropical monsoon climate.It is mild and the four seasons distinct clear.The average annual temperature is 15.7 centigrade.In spring,the cold and warm air move frequently.It only lasts about 70 days.In summer,it is so hot and ofen lasts over 120 days.people call the rain that falls in the first months of the summer"plum rain".In summer,the weather makes people feel confortable.But the pleasant climate can only last 60 days.In winter,due to the northern cold air,the temperature is lower,the rain and snow are less,and the pressure is higher.
Scenery Spots in Hefei
Chao Lake
Chao Lake is located in the middle of Anhui Province and is one of the five largest fresh-water lakes in China. The lake is named for its resemblance to a bird's nest. As the legend goes, the site of Chao Lake was once a city called Chaozhou. One day, an old lady named Jiao had a premonition that the city would soon sink. She informed people living in the city of this bad news and led them to safety. To commemorate this great old lady, the lake was also called Jiao Lake later on.Covering an area of about 750 square kilometers (290 square miles), Chao Lake is a national key scenic spot. The lake is dotted with many tourist sites, such as Laoshan Island, Zhongmiao Temple, the three famous hot springs - Bantang, Tang Pool and Fragrant Spring, four national forest parks and five water-eroded caves.
Memorial Temple of Lord Bao
Lord Bao (999-1062), named Bao Zheng, was a renowned officer in the Northern Song Dynasty (960 - 1127). He is well respected because of his excellent personality, fair-minded judgments and strict family education. In commemoration, many memorial temples were built after his death. Among them the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao is the most famous one. This temple lies in Baohe Park in the southeastern part of his hometown, Hefei City. The current appearance of the temple is the result of reconstruction in the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911).You can get to the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao by bus No.8, 10, 16 or 20 from the Kaifeng Railway Station.
Local Food
Roast Duck

For those who have been to Beijing they have never forgotten the good taste of Beijing Roast Duck. Now when you come to Hefei, the Roast Duck must be the first recommended cuisine by the local tour guide. Luzhou Roast Duck originally was served to the royal court as the imperial dish. Until the period of Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) this cuisine could be found being cooked by local families. You will be attracted by the Duck's golden yellow shininess, crisp skin and tender meat. Compared to Beijing Roast Duck, it has moderate fat and salt, rich taste, and plentiful nutrients. Find the famous Luzhou Roast Duck Shop at No.107, Suzhou Road, and No. 1072 East Changjiang Road.
Lord Bao Fish
Lord Bao Fish is another well-known Hefei dish. This fish was originally found in a moat called Lord Bao River; hence it got the name Lord Bao Fish. This cuisine is a traditional cold dish - tender meat and dark reddish crisp skin. Caocao Chicken also called 'Xiaoyao Chicken' was said to have been liked by the Wei Emperor Caocao during the period of Three Kingdoms (220 - 420). The chicken is made with medicinal herbs, thus is good for health. These two dishes can be found in most restaurants in Hefei.
How to get to University of Science and Technology of China
From Luogang Airport of Hefei

a. Take a taxi,about 15rmb which is 2.2dollars
b. Take Bus No.11,and get off at Weitang Stop and you will see the South Area of the University.
From Hefei Railway Station
a. Take a taxi,around 2 or 3dollars
b. Take Bus No.1,No.10,No.226,Bo.705 to the University of Technology Stop,1rmb which is 0.15dollars
From Hefei Inter-city bus station
Take Bus No.1,No.226,No.129 from the Lanjing Perdana Stop,and get off at the University of Technology Stop,about 20mins.

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