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Application Requirements in University of Science and Technology of China


As soon as your application is received, it will be processed. Once you are accepted, you will receive the following documents from the International Affairs Office.
Admission Notice by USTC
JW 202 Form for visa application
Physical Examination Record
Students who have received the above documents must apply at the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate General for visas. Students who will be studying at USTC for over one month is required to apply for an X (study) visa. Those who will be studying here for less than one month can apply for either an X visa or L (travel) visa.
Time: Non-degree students can come at any time. Degree students shall arrive before September 1st for fall semester and before March 1st for spring semester.
Degrees and Certificates
Degree candidates who have successfully completed their programs and have met all the requirements prescribed by the university will be conferred a bachelor's, master’s, or doctoral degree respectively.
Non-degree students will receive a certificate of graduation at the end of their study.
Length of Study
Undergraduate Programs: 5 years
(School of Business 4 years)
Master's Degree Programs: 3 years
Ph. D Degree Programs: 3 years
Non-degree Science Programs: 3 years
Non-degree Science Programs: 6 months ~ 2 years
Non-degree Chinese Programs: 1 week ~ 3 years

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