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Arizona State University delegation visited Xian Jiaotong University


In the afternoon of 14th August, Arizona State University vice president Denis Fred Simon and Mitzi M. Montoya visited Xian Jiaotong University, Vice president Guangqu Cheng interviewed the guest courteously.

Both sides briefly introduced general situation of each university through short films and talks. Vice president and CTI dean Mitzi M. Montoya introduced general situation of CIT in details, and current status of a so called “3+2” new pattern adcademic degree cooperation project, that means taking 2 years course in CIT of ASU, and 3 years course in domestic universities, credits included in the domestic university degree programs. The projects maily directs to professions Alternative energy technology, agricultural and enterprise environmental technology management and so on such professions.

Vice president affirmed project’s prospect and significance, hoped both sides communicate and negotiate the details further in admission qualificaion, professions etc.  

International cooperation and exchange department responsible person and teaching affairs office responsible person had consultation talks with two vice prisidents, and the two sides will sign agreement after the talks.

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