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Afghanistan prevention and controlling of infectious disease research group come to the second affiliated hospital for a visit and cmmunication.


On the afternoon of 24th August, a team of 25 members of the Afghan public health senior officials tranining class set up by Ministry of Health come to the second affiliated hospital for a visit and communication along with Ministry of Health international exchange and cooperation center vice director Gaoyan Xing, foreign affairs division of Shanxi provincial health department director Baoli Yang, and Xi 'an jiaotong university medical center deputy director Ziming Wang.

Second affiliated hospital's vice Director Zongfang Li onbehalf of hospital’s party and government leadership expressed warm welcome to the Afghan government officials, national hospital medical training experts, Kabul medical university President and so on members of training class led by the Afghan ministry of health health care department officialsYOUSEFL, and introduced the development and history of the second affiliated hospital. Official YOUSEFL introduced the purpose of this visit and appreciated the passionate reception.

Later, accompanied by vice president Zongfang Li, Director Yuanji Liu and the person in charge of relevant departments, students from Afghan public health senior officials tranining class visited hospital’s Infectious disease department, Intensive Care Unit and Haematology department, and communicated with relevant people according to discipline situation.   

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