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Welcome to Xuzhou Medical University(徐州医科大学)

Xuzhou Medical University(XZMU) is one of China’s top 50 medical institutions of high learning, founded about 50 years ago. Adhering to the responsibility of ‘heal the wounded and rescue the dying’, we strive to cultivate qualified medical practitioners by the joint efforts of our strong faculty team and outstanding scholars from around the world. When we look back to the past years of XZMU, we feel excited and delighted about the achievements the University has accomplished. When we look to the future, we see the brilliant prospect in front of us and we are filled with excitement. Your entering will certainly brings the University to a new stage of development. Welcome you to Xuzhou Medical University. I hope your stay both enlightening and enjoyable.

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Pre-Medical Program 医学预科 Non-Degree RMB15000/S Details

Welcome to study at Xuzhou Medical University(徐州医科大学)