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Welcome to Xidian University(西安电子科技大学)

Xidian University is among an elite class of institutes for higher education selected nationally as part of China's State educational development project labeled "211". Xidian is a key national university dedicated primarily to electronic technology and information which is integrated with a wide range of academic subjects including engineering, physical science, social science, foreign languages and business management. In many years since Xidian University was founded 68 years ago, it has grown rapidly in both size and prestige. Now it has become a base of education and high-tech research in the field of electronic information.    Xidian University is organized into eight schools: Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering, Computing, Technical Physics, Mechno-Electronic, Management, Science, and Humanities.  Xidian has established a College for Continuing Education and a Graduate School for postgraduate studies. It offers over 23 specialties for undergraduates and postgraduates.   Xidian University is home to 15,000 students, with over 1,500 postgraduates..View more

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Course Degree Tuition Details
Applied Mathematics Master's Degree RMB22000/Y Details
Applied Mathematics Doctoral Degree RMB33000/Y Details
Automation Bachelor's Degree RMB17000/Y Details
Business Administration Bachelor's Degree RMB17000/Y Details
Business Chinese Program Non-degree to be confirmed Details
Business Investigation Program Non-degree RMB6500/Y Details
Chinese Language Program Chinese language program RMB12000/Y Details
Circuits and System Master's Degree RMB22000/Y Details
Communication and Information System Master's Degree RMB22000/Y Details
Computer Applied Technology Doctoral Degree RMB33000/Y Details
Computer Science and Technology Bachelor's Degree RMB17000/Y Details
Computer Software and Theory Master's Degree RMB22000/Y Details

Welcome to study at Xidian University(西安电子科技大学)