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Visa Application for Study in Xiamen University


X Visa Application (Student Visa)
Students who want to study in Xiamen University can get an X visa through following procedures (X visa should be changed into a residence permit within 30 days after entering China):
Send the application form for admission in Xiamen University to admission@xmu.edu.cn.
The OEC admission office will send the admission notice and visa application form (Jw202) to the student in about 45 days if he/she is admitted.
Students download the health check form and take a physical examination in a comprehensive hospital.
With the admission notice, JW202 form and the health check results and other necessary documents, students can apply for an X visa from the local Chinese Embassy.
F Visa application (Visitors' Visa)
Students who want to study in Xiamen University for less than 6 months (more than 1 month) can get an F visa (usually allowing staying in China for 180 days) through following procedures:
L Visa application (Tourist Visa)
Students can apply for L visa without any documents from Xiamen University can study in Xiamen University for less than 1 month. L visa can be extended if the student informs OEC office in 3-week advance.
Residence Permit for Foreigners
With an X visa, L visa or F visa, students who already go through registration procedures can apply for a residence permit from the Xiamen Public Security Bureau.
Take a physical examination or hand in already-done health check results for verification by Xiamen Quarantine Bureau and get the Health Certificate.
Receive admission notice and visa application form (Jw202) from OEC office.
Get the residence registratoin form from dormitory reception or the nearest police station.
About visa on-arrival
Visitors from Japan and Singapore are allowed to stay in China for 14 days without any Visa, which is called visa on arrival. However, as for students of OEC, 14 days is too short a time for us to apply any visa extension. This way of entry is not recommended.
If any student from Japan or Singapore enters China for more than 14 days' study without any visa and his/ her admission notice and jw202 form is not ready, he/ she should go to Hong Kong once, get a L/ X visa and re-enter mainland China.
If students insist on coming to China for more than 14 days' study without visa, they should send the admission application form to admission@xmu.edu.cn at least one month before entering China. In the blank of "remarks", please indicate that the student will come without any visa. And then the student should follow the same procedures as that of L visa holders.

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