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Zhongshan School of Medicine中山医学院
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1 Clinical Medicine (Bachelor) Eight-year system clinical medicine ...  Apply
2 Forensic Medicine (Bachelor) This major enables the students to ...  Apply
3 Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (Master) Unify the traditional Chinese ...  Apply
4 Pharmacology (Master) The Pharmacology is one for the ...  Apply
5 Immunology (Doctor) The coue is designed to present a ...  Apply
6 Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (Doctor) Educative purpose: combining the ...  Apply
Zhongshan School of Medicine of Sun Yat-sen University, the former Medical School of Preclinical Studies, is situated on its northern campus in Guangzhou. It can be dated back to Boji Medical School founded in 1866---- the oldest school of western medicine in China. In 1886, Dr Sun Yat-sen, the great pioneer of modern Chinese revolution, studied medicine and carried out revolutionary activities here.
At present, the college holds an advantageous position among its national counterparts and with the progressive academic refinement in recent years; it has entered a brand-new phase of speedy development. It has a competent staff including professors of the “Yangtze Scholar Program”, winners of the national “Funds for Distinguished Youths”, and many other prominent experts with national fames on medical education.
The courses offered in the college involve the general and medical preclinical studies for the 15 full time undergraduate medical specialties, courses for medical postgraduates and continual adult education. The undergraduate courses cover 89 subjects, among which 4 have been entitled the honor of “National Elite Courses”, namely, the courses of physiology, parasites studies, pharmacology and anatomy; while the other two, biochemistry as well as histology and embryology, are “University Elite Courses”.
The college is well established in 9 bachelor majors: Clinical Medicine I (for 8-year schooling) and Clinical Medicine II (for 5-year schooling), Optometry, Anesthesiology, Medical Imaging, Medical Laboratory Science, Rehabilitative Medicine, Forensic Medicine, and Biomedical Engineering. Among them the clinical medicine and forensic medicine are honored “Elite Specialties of the Province”.  The college has four 1st class disciplines that are authorized to grant doctoral degree: the preclinical medicine, the integration of western and Chinese medicine, biomedical engineering, and biology. Currently, the yearly funds for scientific research at the college have exceeded 20 million RMB Yuan. It also has one key BSL-3 laboratory for the “research and prevention of tropical diseases”, which is directly subordinated to the State Ministry of Education.
The college has a staff of 349 members, including 38 professors and 56 associate professors. It enrolls a total population of 4230 full time students, consisting of 188 doctoral candidates, 642 postgraduates and 3400 undergraduates.
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