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History 历史学
List of Subjects
1 World History 世界史   Apply
2 China's Ancient History 中国古代史   Apply
3 China's modern history 中国近代史   Apply
Top rated for the quality of both its teaching and research, the School of History has expertise ranging from 14th-century Venice to 20th-century China. As well as running its own courses, the school works closely with a number of separate research centers.
There are approximately 60 research scientists, lecturing and support staff, including foreign teachers from different countries and regions, and 400 following both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
At School of Historyyou will have the chance to study ancient Greece and Rome, modern China, Africa, the Americas, India, Britain as well as medieval, renaissance and modern Scotland. The study of different historical contexts will enable you to make cultural comparisons, and helps you to reflect on long-term historical development.
Career opportunities
History graduates learn to think clearly, analyze problems and present concise, understandable conclusions based on evidence. These abilities, along with communication and IT skills, are suitable for careers in public administration, the media, industry and a variety of service occupations. Many students go on to work in the fields of social work, librarianship or journalism. Those who wish to maintain closer contact with their subject may choose careers such as teaching, archive work or publishing. Customized careers guidance is offered to history students to prepare them for a diverse range of career opportunities.
Entry requirements
1.       Equivalent degree with good results
2.       18 years of age or above and in good health
3.       Level of HSK test: Basic Certificate Grade A or Elementary Certificate Grade C
Fees per year
about $3,650
about $1,825
about $3,690
about $1,845
about $4,720
about $2,365

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