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China Youth: Capital Medical University: High quality the students are, the real good employment will be.


This May,a team of 4 composed of the 2007 students Lei Na, Chen Sichang, Wu Huanhuan, Sun Haitao majored in seven years’ clinical medicine from Capital Medical University won first prize in national higher medical university student clinical skills competition with their solid theoretical foundation, basic skills, flexible clinical thinking, overall humanistic care concept as well as sound team work sprit. 876 carefully trained CMU students go to urban and rural for medical jobs

Through half centry’s exploring and developing, CMU set up in 1960 is deeply rooted now, beeing on the path to the world, it not only become all-round stereometric formula,  multi-level research teaching and medical multiversity university, educated 50 thousand excellent medical students for our country, but also become local university which obtained national top prize both in science and technology filed and education filed. CMU has been listed in WHO medical education directory, its academic degree was recognized Board of Education of the United States Foreign Medical Graduates. Recent years, though in the rather severe employment situation, CMU keeps up the rate of 97% of university students employment, among the top in universites in Beijing     

The good employment pespect of students benefits from the “Ding Tian Li Di ” teaching concept——pay attention to adapting to the need of capital's economic and social development
while cultivating high-end elite talent, so as to cultivate various types applicable talents. “Ding Tian” means that educate advance elit talents based on discipline strength; “Li Di” means that cultivate various types applicable talents according to demend of Beijing medical and health services, especially meical and technical personnels which grass-roots, rural areas and professional post need.  

2009,teaching result of “rural medical personnel training system and training of medical personnel in rural areas research and practice”mainly led by the President of CMU honorly won national highest teaching result prize——the sixth national advanced education teaching result special prize, the “ Two layes, three kinds” education system of grass-roots medical talent in rural areas founded by it not only educated a group of talents who can “bent”, “hold” and “work”, but also become one of CMU talents education and emplyment work characteristcs.    

Medical science is closely related to human life. CMU keep up “Making It Better” medical education concept, no matter how noisy that external enrollment atmosphere is, CMU insist on “Small class teaching” from start to recruit students. in the process of educating, CMU sticts to promoting talents education by inovating and reforming.Since 2005, CMU has carried out two round of systematic education and teaching reform according to the international medical education standard, inovated talent educating mode and curriculum system.


CMU always adheres to the medical students' professional quality education keeps up “Pure Edcucation” of  Medical Science. From the beginning of swear of medical students and headmaster first lesson on the school opening ceremony till graduation ceremony, CMU makes moral education and professional education run through the whole process of student work through varieties of theme activities, leads students to treat disease prevention pain relieving and public health maintain as their sacred mission, intensifies medical students’ humanility care and interpersonal communication ability training, and stick to professional bottom line to be medical worker. 


Facts prooved that the well educated and strictly trained CMU graduates are widly accepted in jub hunting because of their steadfast rigorous and strong clinical practice ability etc.


Welcome to study at Capital Medical University(首都医科大学)