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Health News: Last year, nearly 40 thousand international students learninig Medicine in China


Rencent years, the number of international students coming to China to learn Medicine keeps up inceasing fast, nearly 40 thousand international students learninig Medicine in China, 118 thousand of which were studying TCM. 12th Sept. vice director Yinghui Chen of international cooperation and exchange bureau of ministry of edcuation disclosed on the “Medical Education globalizing” forum held in Beijing.


As reported, in 2011, there were in total of nearly 300 thousand from 194 countries international students studying in 660 universities in 31 provinces(cities, districts) of China. With development of ecomomic society ad continuous improving of medical care, education, research level in medical filed, more and more international students come to China to learn Medicine. In 1999, there were simply 1400 students studying western medicine, while last year, it reached more than 27 thousand. Yinghui Chen specially mentioned that Medice science was the first one allowed to be taugh in English among specialities that our country international students enrollment for.


The Forum is hosted by CMU. On the forum, representatives from Bengal, Indonesia, Pakistan and Thailand and so on had communication centred on topics such“ How to meet the developing countries’ daily increasing need for medical specialists”  

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