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Modern Education News: Beijing explore TCM education new mode that combine education of transmission from master with college education.


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School of TCM of CMU held the 2012 undergraduates tutorial system apprenticeship accepting ceremony. Students make double way choice of teachers and students to decide master-apprentice relation when entering the university, in the next 4 or 5 years, the students will get more concern in their lives, and get more targeted guidance and help in their study and will have someone to tell and somone with same feeling. “In TCM education, education of transmission from master is the main step, while college edcation si general form. They focused on different education target in education practice, so each of them exists some advantage and disvantage.” 

On the fisrt “ Peking TCM Talents Forum—— Cobination of edcuation of transmission from master”  symposium held recently, Shool of TCM of CMU pincipal Nianchong Ju compared characterist between education of transmission from master and college education, and discussed their present situation and teaching reform trial.

Niancong Ju said:” In the undergraduate stage we carry out undergraduate tutorial system, make student be able to improve humanility literacy, experience strong human feelings and cultural charm in traditional education of transmission from master through zero distance communication between teachers and students.” in graduate stage we carry out transmission from master system. Tufor shall share research experience and growth in their reaserch with students in pratical guidance so as to make students directly feel funny and tough in doing research, and slowly learn to expertly master scientific research process and make the right decisions.  


In the aspect of combination of collge education and edcuation of transmissio from master, CMU makes use of old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine workshop construction, relies on college, teaching research office, subject construction team, teacher’s resource team, multi-level students, and takes education, study, education, construction, heritage as one, set up “TCM education new mode”


Niancong Ju indicated that according to the early practice and exploration, in the next 5 years, CMU will make use of platform of famous doctors training institute to set up “Five bases”——Excellent talents of Chinese medicine inheritance cultivation base, Higher education of TCM educational education demonstration base; The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine clinical practice and the Chinese medicine special service base, The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge skill training base, Yanjing medical research and TCM culture propaganda base. And develop undergraduate education, graduate education, continuing education and international students education in this kind of platform.


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