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Paper written by Our University professor is selected 2012 the American heart association annual meeting best paper top 5


The paper “Remote Supervised Reinforcement Of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Skills By Telephone Improves One-year Retention: A Randomized-controlled Trial” witten by professor Ying Wu from School of Nursing Science in CUM was admitted by famous international adademic conference in cardiovascular field, American Heart Association. In the meanwhile, professor Wu’s paper was evaluated top 5 in all Chinese papers selected in the conference.  

American Heart Association is the top class academic conference in cardiovascular and related fields all over the world, more than 17000 professional attend every year, total number of participants are over 22000 involved in cardiovascular stroke, and the prevention of disease diagnosis treatment and nursing, and other branches, it is medical information collecting and distributing of the most active land, The collection of the world's most advanced cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment technology of the latest clinical trials and the painstaking care wind sector the latest progress. American Heart Association is held once a year, and it will be held on 3rd to 7th Nov. this year in Los Angeles, California. participate in the meeting are the contributions gathered from around the world based medical researchers clinical doctor nursing personnel technicians and experts of the primary research of the paper, the paper selected for communication will be published in cardiovascular field ranking the first cycle (Circulation) magazine whose impact factor is up to 14.432.

The American heart association selects the first 5 ones with most academic value from a nation’s whole papaers participating in the competition, through three round of experts committee ‘s selection,  the paper can be the best first five strong. Professor Wu won the honor in China’s  nursing profession for the first time, demonstrating Chinese heart nursing elegant demeanour to the world, also this shows that our school nursing school is in the heart area good momentum of development. The American heart association congress pointed out that this the scientific achievements help China to become the November 2012 annual meeting of the American heart association science international BBS ten big in one of the countries attended the conference.   

Professor WuYing submitted thesis mainly comes from to our country sudden cardiac death (SCD) the high-risk families cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skill learning and maintain the effect Aries considerably among exercise interention studies, Through comparing the visual and auditory steering and audio-visual kinesthetic supervision two reinforcement mode to improve CPR forward (12 months) skills to maintain the effect, to explore a kind of effective and feasible CPR skills strengthening mode, aimed at txtend the CPR skills holding time. The study shows that two kinds of supervision strengthening mode are conducive to sudden cardiac death high-risk families who CPR training after 12 months of skills to keep, and audio-visual kinesthetic strengthening mode to improve training in 12 months after CPR skills keep rate has is better than the visual and auditory strengthen model trend, Especially in high quality heart press technology, it keeps more advantages. This provides a new idea and prospect to improve public cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills of learning and keep.

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