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Our school capital health management and policy research base won “Excellent Base” title again


On September 17, the 2012 Beijing philosophy social science research base working conference” organized by City social sciences planing office opened in Beijing convention center. FuHua municipal party committee deputy secretary general, deputy director of the municipal education commission FuZhiFeng, the municipal party committee propaganda department theory marshal HeYaLan, China social society honorary President of the Chinese academy of social sciences researcher LiuXueYi, the municipal education commission, deputy director of the KeYanChu ZhaoYin hui attended the meeting from Beijing regional higher universities and research institutes of the name more than social workers were invited to attend the meeting. In the meeting, the second phase construction acceptance results of the second batch of Beijing research base announced and recognized. Based on the construction of our capital, health management and policy research base is evaluated the outstanding base, this was the second time that the base got full marks since the 2009 a phase of construction is evaluated the outstanding base.


On the meeting, the capital health management and policy research base and secretary-general, deputy director of the WangXiaoYan professors as the representatives of excellent base spoke for construction experience of communication, introduced the three point of experience during research base three years’ construction. One is formed base’s characteristics and advantge through building discipline paltform in the rule of ” For use but not possess” ,  combining with the specialized talented person strategy , and measure of constructing external teaching practice base. The second is the combination of the actual organization management principle set up discipline echelon, the discipline of existing management mode to reform attempt, make the subject further fusion. The last is improve academic level in the principle of “Classification guidance, stratification construction”, be seriously in subject analysis, and clear in positioning  different subjects to provote research base’s subject research reach the level and standard.


City Board of Education and the City Social Science Planning Office decided to all qualified on the basis of acceptance in the research base, the official launch of the second batch of Phase III of the research base construction, the construction period is 3 years. Capital Health Management and Policy Research Base in the next stage of construction, conscientiously sum up the experience in building the foundation to closely around the capital during the "12th Five-Year" overall economic and social development goals and task clear research base building development ideas, further promote the research base for the third phase of construction has achieved more honors, and make new contributions to promoting the prosperity and development of the capital of Philosophy and Social Sciences.

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