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International education college organized Chinese self-study language class to improve speaking Chinese


In order to meet the demand of international students’ Chineses learning and understandin g of Chinese culture, international students organized voluntarily “Chinese self-study class”

In the evening of 16th Setember, international education college was unbelievablly busy, a crowd of international students gathered together in the classroom, some were giving speeches with full of passion,some were listening to the teacher carefully, in the class, international students talked with eache other with unskilled Chinese, some students made introducton about themselves, some students were proudly telling their future medical career, some were telling short but funny stories, and some were displaying the clumsy tongue twisters, everyone learnt Chinese in culture exchange, and learnt China and Chinese Culture.

During their communication, all students were so eager to learn, asked teachers questions, the teachers answered them patiently, having listened teachers instruction, the international students had deeper understanding of importance of language study, also they learnt and used Chinese language more actively and put it in future medical practice and daily communication. How time flies, the two-hour long communication activity came to an end, while the students still kept there. After the class, all international students said in the summing up that they were so happy to have such a chance of study and gaining experience, not only did they enjoy learning Chinese langauge all by themselves, bu also experienced culture distinguish between Chinese and Foreing countries, it was very helpful to enhance cross-culture communication ability improving. 

In the situation of world madarine hot, lots of international students take Chinese language as the essential conditon for future job hunting. By the way may foreign student show a great interest ini Chinese characters, they are all learning Chinese carefully, creating better condtions for their future medical career and personal development.

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