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Students and teachers of Capital Medical University won reputation on “International Physiology Academic Conference”


On 1st 4th to November, the “International Physiology Academic Conference” was successfully held in International Expo Center in Suzhou and dropped the curtain. Captial Mecial University physiology and pathology physiology department post-graduate student Wang Ke and youth teacher Zhen Lifei respectly won outstanding youth physiology researcher second prize and third prize; youth teacher Zhang Shuli and post-graduate student Zhao Xiaoli won Excellent wall newspaper show award.

It was the second international physiological science conference held in China since Physiology Society of China successfully held then“ 2008 year international physiological science academic conference in Beijing” the conference was hosted by Physiology Society of China, and co-hosted by Physiology Societies in America, British, Australia, Canada, Japan, Brizal, Scandinavia and China Taiwan, the conference got powerful support from IUPS, FOAPS, and NSFC, the chairman of the conference was prsident of Physiology Society of China, IUPS, FOAPS and main leaders of Physiology Society of all contries attended the conference. People’s Congress Committee chairman and acadmician Han Qide send message of congratulation.

There were 6 invited reports, 105 subjective reports, 19 youth physiology worker and 345 wall papers. Over 800 representatives attended the conference, among which there were 300 student representatives. Prof. Zhua Jinxia and Prof. Liu Huirong led over 20 graduates and yonth teachers from CMU’s physiology and pathology physiology department of School of Basic Medicine to attend the conference. 6 Young Physiologist Symposium Speakers ( including 1 first prize winner, 3 second prize winners and 2 third prize winners) and 36 Excellent Poster Presenters

The conference was an high standard international physiology conference, through an attendance that students and teachers from physiology and pathology physiology department opened their mind, get the team trained, and promoted communication, as well as found distance and shortages, understood directions of future scientific research.

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