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School of Management 管理学院
List of Subjects
1 International Economy and Trade (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Finance (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Information Management and System (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Industrial Engineering (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Engineering Management (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Business Administration (Bachelor)   Apply
7 Marketing Sales (Bachelor)   Apply
8 Financial Management (Bachelor)   Apply
9 Tourism Management (Bachelor)   Apply
10 E-business (Bachelor)   Apply
11 History of Science and Technology (Master)   Apply
12 Management Science and Engineering (Master)   Apply
13 Accounting (Master)   Apply
14 Corporate Management (Financial Management,Marketing and Human Resources Management) (Master)   Apply
15 Tourist Management (Master)   Apply
16 Technology Economy and Management (Master)   Apply
17 Administration Management (Master)   Apply
18 Social Medicine and Health Management (Master)   Apply
19 Educational Economy and Management (Master)   Apply
20 Social Security (Master)   Apply
21 Land Resource Management (Master)   Apply
22 Management Science and Engineering (Doctor)   Apply
23 Social Projects and Management (Doctor)   Apply
24 Accounting (Doctor)   Apply
25 Corporate Management (including Financial Management, Marketing, and Human Resources Management) (Do   Apply
26 Tourist Management (Doctor)   Apply
27 Technology Economy and Management (Doctor)   Apply
28 Administration Management (Doctor)   Apply
29 Management Science and Engineering (Doctor)   Apply
In August 1984, the State Commission of Education approved the new name for the Department, the School of Management. It is one of the earliest four established management schools in China.
Harbin University of Civil Engineering and Architecture set up the specialty of Construction Management Engineering in 1980, which evolved into the Department of Construction Management Engineering at a later stage. It was one of the earliest universities in China offering courses in construction engineering for undergraduates and postgraduates. In 1993 it was the only university, which could confer Doctoral Degree s in Construction Economics and Management. In 1999 the Department of Construction Management Engineering was incorporated into the School of Management.
In June 2000, when Harbin Institute of Technology and Harbin Architectural and Civil Engineering University merged, the respective Schools of Management were restructured to become the present School of Management. The School of Management consists of six departments. They are: the Department of Management Science & Engineering, the Department of Construction & Real Estate, the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Finance & Trade, the Department of Accounting and the Department of Public Administration. The School of Management also hosts and publishes three academic journals: Management Science in China, Journal of Public Administration and Construction Management Modernization.
Currently the School employs a total of 147 of faculty members, including 37 professors (among whom 21 are PhD supervisors) and 75 associated professors. At present a total of 3941 students are enrolled in the School, which includes 1213 undergraduates, 591 master's degree students, 302 doctoral students, 46 post-doctoral fellows, 184 EMBA students, 709 MBA students, 353 MPA students, 517 engineering master's degree students and 26 foreign students.
Tuition fees
Student Categories
Tuition Fee (Per year)
RMB 18000
Master's Candidate
RMB 25000
Doctoral Candidate
RMB 33000

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