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Law School法学院
List of Subjects
1 Law (Bachelor)   Apply
2 International Law (Master)   Apply
3 Environment and Resource Protection Law (Master)   Apply
4 Economic Law (Master)   Apply
5 Litigation (Master)   Apply
6 Civil Commerce Law (Master)   Apply
7 Criminal Law (Master)   Apply
8 Constitution and Law of Administration (Master)   Apply
9 History of Law (Master)   Apply
10 Theory of Law (Master)   Apply
Law School at Jilin University was founded in 1988 and its predecessor, the Law Department, was set up in 1948. The School currently enrolls 1,625 undergraduate students, 848 graduate students in master's degree programs, and 134 doctoral students. There are 105 faculty members in Law School. Among these competitive faculty members, there are 18 full professors (12 of them are Ph.D. supervisors) and 18 associate professors. Some of them are renowned scholars home and abroad.
The School has several very strong academic programs. The Center of Jurisprudence Research, founded in 2001, is highly recognized for its academic strengths. Other programs such as Criminal Law, Civil and Commercial Law, and International Law are also very influential in the field of legal education in China.
The School offers Master of Law Degree programs and J D. Degree programs. The master's degree programs include majors of Jurisprudence, Legal History, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Procedure Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Economic Law, International Law, Environmental and Natural Resources Law. The Law School also offers doctoral degree programs in Jurisprudence and Criminal law.
The faculty members in JLU Law School have various research interests, specially focusing on related issues of the legal system construction in China, both theoretically and practically. Their research studies and findings have aroused great attention in the society. Since 1985, they have conducted 25 research projects sponsored by China's National Social Sciences Fund, 31 research projects sponsored by the Social Sciences Fund from China's Ministry of Education, 42 research projects sponsored by China's Research Foundation for Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, 7 research projects sponsored by Jilin Province Social Sciences Study Plan, and 20 research projects sponsored by various Jilin University Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grants. They have published 97 academic books, more than 2000 research papers including translations. In addition, the Law School has compiled, edited and published 4 series of textbooks. Forty academic books and 180 papers won many different prizes such as "National Award for Excellent Research" and "Jilin Province Award for Excellent Research".
Length of study
Undergraduate students: 4years
Postgraduate students: 3 years
Doctoral students: 3 years
Application time
For Bachelor’s degree, the duration for application is from March 1st --July 30th. The academic year begins from August 25 to September 1 stated in the admission notice issued by the university.
For Master’s degree and Doctoral degree, the application time is from March 1 to May 30.
Entry requirements
For Bachelor’s degree: Applicants must be at least 18 years old; at least with a high school diploma. HSK Band 6 or above.
For Master’s degree: Applicants should have Bachelor’s degree, recommended by two associate professors or above, academic records, health certificate and HSK6 certificate or above.
For Doctoral degree: Applicants should have Master’s degree, academic records, recommended by two associate professors or above, health certificate and HSK6 certificate or above.
Tuition fees

Application fee
Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree
Doctoral degree

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