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Welcome to Neusoft Institute Guangdong(广东东软学院)

Neusoft Institute, Guangdong (Neusoft Institute) is a full-time college founded in 2002 with the approval of the Guangdong provincial government and registration with the Ministry of Education. Neusoft Institute is one of the first institutes to be designated as a Guangdong provincial model software institute and a national training base for much-needed professionals. In 2014, Neusoft Institute is approved by the Ministry of Education to offer undergraduate programs. Neusoft Institute, co-founded by Neusoft Corporation and Yida Group, is a full-time undergraduate college which focuses on engineering courses and is supported by management and humanities courses. Neusoft Institute consists of the Department of Computer Science and Technology, the Department of Information Technology and Business Management, the Department of Digital Arts, the Department of English, the Department of Japanese..View more

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Welcome to study at Neusoft Institute Guangdong(广东东软学院)