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School of Liberal Arts文学院
List of Subjects
1 Chinese Language & Literature (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Chinese Language (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Linguistics & Applied Linguistics (Master)   Apply
4 Chinese Linguistics & Graphemes (Master)   Apply
5 Chinese Ancient Literature (Master)   Apply
6 Modern & Contemporary Chinese Literature (Master)   Apply
7 Literature & Art Studies (Doctor)   Apply
8 Chinese Linguistics & Graphemes (Doctor)   Apply
9 Chinese Ancient Literature (Doctor)   Apply
In 1938, the Shanbei School and Lu Xun College of Arts in Northwest China merged to become the School of Literature and Arts of the North China Union University. The school later became the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of RUC in the 1960s.
The School of Liberal Arts has six research institutes and seven program sections with a faculty of 93, forming what is called the National Training and Research Base for Fundamental Disciplines of Liberal Arts. The school admits students for BA, MA, and PhD studies and research fellows in more than 7 majors. There are 288 bachelor students, 143 master students, 106 doctor students and including 526 international students. It also offers MA courses in the theory of filmmaking and the study of Chinese for international use.
The Academic Committee of the school is Program sections of Literary and Art Theory, Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, Ancient Chinese and Classic Documentation, Linguistics and Modern Chinese, the Art of TV, Motion Pictures and Multi-media. There are five institutes:  Research Institutes of Trends of Literature and Arts, Overseas Chinese Culture, Comparative Literature, Christian Culture, Cultural Industry, Linguistics and Etymology.
The school publishes more than fourteen academic journals, and maintains academic exchanges with more than seventy universities abroad. They also try to promote diversity and international exposure. They have significant collaboration with foreign universities. The school is now growing into an international academic forum.

Length of Study
Undergraduate program: 4 years
Postgraduate program: 2-3 years
Doctoral program: 3 years
Application time
The RUC's enrollment period is in the fall term. In the spring term, the RUC will enroll a small number of advanced students, and a small number of those wanting to study Chinese as foreign language. The fall term begins on September 1st and the spring term begins in the latter half of February.
All application materials for students wishing to enroll in the fall must be received by RUC before the end of May. All application materials for students wishing to enroll in the spring must be received by RUC before the end of December.  
Requirement for Admission

Bachelor programs
High-school graduate or above. Pass Level 6 of the HSK Test and the RUC entrance exams.
Master's programs
Bachelor’s degree with honors. 2 or more letters of recommendation by associate professors. Applicants are also required to pass the RUC entrance exams.
Doctorate programs
Master’s degree. 2 or more letters of recommendation by    professors. Applicants are also required to pass the RUC entrance exams.

Tuition Fees

Categories of courses
Application fee
Undergraduate programs
RMB 600
RMB 21,500
Postgraduate programs
RMB 600
RMB 26,500
Doctoral programs
RMB 600
RMB 29,800

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