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School of Pharmaceutical Sciences药学院
List of Subjects
1 Traditional Chinese pharmacology (Bachelor) Trai the high-level contai ...  Apply
2 Pharmacology (Master) It is mainly about commonly used ...  Apply
3 pharmaceutics (Master) Students are required master ...  Apply
4 Pharmacology (Doctor) The research of Pharmacology ...  Apply
The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences was set up newly, which has chemistry department, the medicine chemistry department, the medicament department, the drug analysis department, the microorganism and the biochemistry department of pharmacy, the pharmacology department, the Institute of pharmacology, the clinical pharmacology research institute, the experiment center and the anti-virus Research center. 74, 67.6% of existing teachers have the doctorate, and there are 10 professors, postgraduate candidate teachers’ number is 8, which has formed a young and promising initially, full of vigor and vitality.

The school has doctor, master and bachelor third-level degree authorization spot. And, the Pharmacology specialty in 1998 authorized for the national Ministry of Education for the doctorate authorization unit and authorizes in 2007 for the state-level professional ethics. Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics and Pharmacology three specialties for master's degree authorization unit. Simultaneously is also equipped with the pharmacy undergraduate course specialty, started from 2003 to recruit the pharmacy undergraduate student. For many years, the school has already raised large numbers of students as outstanding talent.
The basic installation of the school is complete, which can satisfy the teaching, and scientific effort. The school and the domestic large-scale medicine enterprise, the large-scale General hospital, the institute for drug control cooperation, all of these have established the teaching practice base; Simultaneously it also invited the domestic and foreign universities, the scientific research institution and the drugs manufacture enterprise's renowned scholars for institute's visiting professors and essential post professors, which is good for the raise specialized quality, and lay a good foundation of raising more talents.
The school has undertaken the national key attack topic, the country successively “863” and “973” project, the country “1035” the project, the national new medicine fund, the State Natural Sciences Foundation, Guangdong Province research subject 50 error terms and team fund and key topic as well as Guangzhou key fund; has obtained one group armies and the province departmental level above technological award and the national new medicine certificate; In international, it has published 500 scientific research papers, formed one batch to have the proprietary intellectual property rights achievements in scientific research, has obtained the remarkable economy and the social efficiency. At present, college of pharmacy's all teachers in line with unites, practically, the development of humane spirit, the school turns toward the domestic first-class college of pharmacy.
Tuition and Fees (RMB)
Student Categories
Tuition Fee (Per year)
31600 (≈$4614)
Master's Candidate
38000 (≈$5548)
Doctoral Candidate
47500 (≈$6935)

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