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In 2012 Cross-Strait University accounting debate Invitational, students in our university retained the title.


6th to 8th Oct. 2012 Cross-Strait University accounting debate Invitational undertaken by Taiwan's Changhua University of Education and hosted by Taiwan Accounting Research Foundation, Accounting Research Monthly Magazine was held Taiwan's Changhua University of Education. In the contest, a team cosisted of students from our university school of accounting beat Taiwan Kun Shan University, Taiwan Chung Cheng University, National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan and the host, Changhua University of Education, and finally met Ocean University of China in the finals, and took the champion. It is the third champion since the previous three ones taken by our university in 2008, 2009 and 2011. In the meanwhile, Song Lei from the team of our university got “Individual Award” first prize.

The Cross-Strait University accounting debate Invitational is traditional competition which was launched by Taiwan Accounting Research Foundation and in which Taiwan University Department of Accounting and famous universities in mainland accounting students took part, it provides a good communication platform to cross-Strait students majored in Accounting. The invitational competition attracted the Last Straits Cup debate tournament crown, second, the third place team, Southwest University of Finance and Economics, China Ocean University, Zhongnan University of Political Science and the contractor of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics who intended to undertake the 2013 Strait Cup debate competition and so on these universities in main land, including Taiwan University, Taiwan University of Success, Taiwan University of Politics, Taiwan Furen University, Taiwang Zhanghua University and so on these universities in Taiwan, a total number of 24 universites of the cross-Strait. The 24 teams held a intense debate on the topic that “Taiwan shouldn’t collect securities transaction tax” and “The public offering of the company's financial statements, CPA firm should be mandatory periodic replacement”

Under the leading of teamleader Ren Shichi and coach Ren Hong, a team of 2009 Song Jia,2010 Xiong Bian, Dong Jixuan and 2011 Zhou Huan showed their talents, surged to the end. Our university students in the group stage won over Taiwan Kun Shan University, National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan, the two games are 5:0 undefeated in the group stages; in the top 8 race, our university students redoubled their efforts, beat Taiwan Zhongxing University to 5:0; in the folllowing top 4 race, our university students kept surging, beat the host, Taiwan Zhanghua University to 3:2, met Ocean University of China in the finals; In the fierce champion battle, our university student conquered the whole judges and audiences with strong profession, Skilled debating skills and the disputer demeanor, finally beat the opponent to 7:4, became th champion of Cross-Strait University accounting debate Invitational. Through the competition, Our university students’ exploration for knowledge of expertise and persuing for speculate was tremendously motivated, and academic exchange and culture communication between Universities in corss-strait also got improved 

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