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Our university’s Aerobics team won the NationalCheerleading league title


September 22 -23, 2010, the "2012 National Cheerleading League cum Chinese Lala Star Competition" hosted the by the State General Administration of Sport Gymnastics Center, Chinese College Students 'Sports Association, Chinese Students' Sports Association was held in Chengdu Information Engineering,our university’s aerobics team won the University group dancing cheerleaders free dance champion with a good competitive state and spiritual outlook.

There were more than 600 contestants from nearly 40 teams in the contest, the competition is divided into three parts of the dance cheerleading skills cheerleading and China Lala Star, in the cheerful music, athletes supple figure and vibrant dance won thunderous cheers and applause of the audience. Under the leadership of coach Diaoyong Hui, Zhang Rui, aerobics team in our university worked hard, with a good competitive state and spiritual outlook, raced out of style, raced out of the level, and won the honor for our school teachers and students

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