7 Days Expedition Tour of the Headstream of Yellow River

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Introduction Yellow River is the “mother river” of Chinese nation. It is the cradle of Chinese civilization as well as the major living area in ancient China. This expedition tour will enable you to admire the source of Yellow River, which can be called “the source o..

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This expedition tour of Yellow River will bring you to explore the mysterious headstream of Yellow River. Along the journey, you will admire the Taer Monastery and Qinghai Lake, and then visit the first county on Yellow River, the Madoi County. Appreciate the charming Zhaling Lake and Eling Lake, touch the stone stele with the three Chinese characters of “Source of Yellow River” and experience the special feelings.
Day 1 Arrive in Xining
Our guide will pick you up at the airport and escort to your 3-star hotel. Later you will have chance to visit the scenery of Xining city.
Day 2 Xining--Taer Monastery--Qinghai Lake
You will visit the famous Taer Monastery. Inside the temple, you will see three top of artistic treasury. Later you will visit the Qinghai Lake, whose color will change according to the seasons.
Day 3 Qinghai Lake--Maduo
Maduo County is the first county of headstream of Yellow River. During this trip, you will feel the pure air of that area.
Day 4 Maduo--Gyaring Lake County
Departing from Maduo County, you will leave for the real headstream of Yellow River. Two famous lakes, namely Gyaring Lake and Ngoring Lake, will bring you a holy feeling. You will also see the Monument for the headstream of Yellow River.
Day 5 Return to Maduo
You will return to Maudo and feel the minority custom in it.
Day 6 Maduo--Xining
You will visit main scenic spots in Xining.
Day 7 Departure
After breakfast, our guide will escort you to the airport and lovely tour ends.
3000 RMB per traveler
Price includes
1. Transportation fee including the SUV.
2. Insurance
3. Meals
4. Entrance fee for scenic spots mentioned
In this tour, you will go into the area of Amaniqing Mountain, which is dangerous, so it is necessary for you to stay with your members.