Universities in China–2010 Intake: BSc Mechanical Engineering

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Program: Mechanical Engineering
Length of Study: 4 years
Qualification Awarded: Bachelor’s degree
Application & Admission Time
Application Deadline: The end of June each year
Admission Time: The beginning of September
Application Requirements & Materials
Basic Application Requirements:
1. Graduated from an institution equal to Chinese senior high school
2. Non-Chinese nationals in good health
Materials Required for Application:
1. Application Form
2. Graduation documents of Senior High School
3. Graduation module list and transcripts (original or official file)
4. A copy of passport or other identification
5. Two recent passport photos
6. A copy of TOEFL 80 or IELTS 5.5 (For English-taught program. If the entire high school curriculum taught in English, provide us a certificate of school taught in English, or an official letter in English proficiency)
7. HSK certificate (For Chinese-taught programs only). If the results of your HSK test don’t meet our requirement before commencing your studies you can attend a pre-sessional preparation course at the college.
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