Weekend Class for Chinese Calligraphy in China

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Introduction Aims at making your weekend in China more meaningful, the class of Chinese calligraphy help you to master the skills of Chinese calligraphy and the culture of it.

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We provide Chinese calligraphy courses of different levels for you to make your weekend life in China wonderful and also gain much more knowledge of Chinese culture.
Teaching Objectives
1. General impression of Chinese calligraphy, which include its long history, main types and its cultural deposits.
2. Actual and solid skills of creating different piece of Chinese calligraphy.
Class Content
1. Theoretical study of history of Chinese calligraphy, ancient Chinese and ancient book in the history referring to Chinese calligraphy.
2. Practice of right gesture for creating a piece of calligraphy work.
3. Basic strokes practice of Chinese characters in forms of regular script, clerical script, running script or grass script (Though the copying of classical copybooks in ancient China)
4. Radicals and curve-outlqine of Chinese characters in regular script, clerical script and running script.
5. Study of classical works created in ancient China
Class Size
Class is given in small group, with no more than 15 students in one class.
Class Time and Length
Class Time: Class is available at Saturday or Sunday. There will be 1 or 2 classes in one week lasting for 60 minutes per class. Class time is flexible.
Class Length: One study period contains 30 classes for about 2 months.
Tuition Fee
The tuition fee for one class is 80 RMB.
Note: the fee for writing materials such as copy and tracing samples and books will need to be paid additionally.