Summer Training Class for Chinese Painting in China

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction We offer summer class of ink painting in China for you to learn much more about culture of Chinese ink painting and master the skills of it in a comfortable environment.

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Compact course design, flexible time for class and experienced, all these will help you to learn the Chinese painting in a pleasant way through courses of different level.
Teaching Objectives
Through our training course for Chinese painting, the learners will know the basic knowledge of Chinese painting, technical skills, artistic styles, historical development and actual skills for painting.
Class Content
1. Systemic introduction of Chinese painting, which include its historical development, basic technique skills, artistic styles and so on.
2. Study of the general rules and techniques of drawing Chinese painting and the common instrument used in the process.
3. Practical practice of copying famous Chinese painting works ranging from landscape painting, flower-bird painting and figure painting.
4. Appreciation of classical Chinese painting works for an excellent estheticism.
5. Practical practice of copying and creating for painting works in one aspect among landscape painting, flower-bird painting or figure painting.
Class Size
Class is given in small group, with no more than 15 students in one class.
Class Time and Length
Class Time: Class is available on every Monday between July and August. There will be 2 classes in one week lasting for 2 hours per class.
Evening class: 18:30. p.m. to 20:30. p.m.(Between Mon. and Fri.)
Weekend class: 14:30.p.m. to 16:30.p.m.
Class Length: 4 weeks to 8 weeks
Tuition Fee
The tuition fee for per class is 90 RMB per student.
Note: the fee for materials such as paper and ink would be paid by students.