Bookkeeping Service in China

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction Professional bookkeeping service is available for different foreign enterprises in China, which can help them deal with the financial accounting problems in every stage of the company’s development.

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Aims at helping foreign enterprises in China to establish a scientific and clear system of financial management, we offer professional bookkeeping service in the main cities of China.
Service Area
This bookkeeping service provided by us covers the major cities in China such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Dalian, Suzhou, etc.
Service Content
After the establishment of corporation, we will arrange professional accountants for all the issues such as accounting establishment, accountant settlement and tax declaration, etc. In details:
1. Purchase of accountant book and evidence for keeping accountant
2. Establishment of accounting accountant, and system of accounting
3. Compilation of accounting entry
4. Bookkeeping and settlements of accountants
5. Compilation of accounting statement, etc
All the workers are well-trained and are familiar with accounting policy in China, which will bring great convenience for foreign enterprises.
Service Mode
The whole process for the corporation on bookkeeping service is very convenient. We can send accountant to clients’ company for the bookkeeping service, while it would be also right for clients to send all the materials of their company to us.
Price (RMB)
850 RMB per month