Engineering Cost Consultation Service in Guangzhou

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction This excellent engineering cost consultation service helps foreign investors to manage their engineering business in Guangzhou more successfully with mature understanding of engineering.

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Based on the deep understanding of Guangzhou’s engineering market, our well-trained accountants are able to offer the most accurate advice on foreign clients’ investment in Guangzhou referring to engineering.
Service Content
This engineering cost consultation service covers a wide variety of areas including:
1. Information consultancy service for engineering cost;
2. Project proposals, feasibility studies and investment valuations;
3. Budgetary estimates, budgeting, settlement of accounts, final accounts, tender compilation and verification;
4. Engineering economics dispute evaluation;
5. All-stage project cost control and services in engineering claims;
6. Tendering, etc.
Service Fee
The service fee for engineering cost consultation often depends on the actual capital of the clients’ companies.
1. For a company with a capital that less than 10 million RMB, the service fee would be charged at the rate of 2‰.
2. Service fee can also be charged by hour, for about 250 RMB per hour.