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Anhui University of Technology (AHUT) offers a wide range of programs and courses including engineering, economics, management, literature, science and law while laying emphasis on engineering. The university is located in Ma’anshan city Anhui Province, which has been granted with many national titles “A National Garden City”, "Top Quality Environment City”, "National Tourism City” and “A Flower alongside South Bank of Yangtz River” and with half an hour’s drive to Nanjing, “Capital City for Six Dynasties in Ancient China” and 4 hours’ drive to Shanghai all by expressway.


Anhui University of Technology covers an area of 1.87 million square meters and has more than 1.65 million library collections (including electronic ones). The University has 20, 000 full-time students and 2, 000 staff members from the whole nation. AHUT has 16 schools, Metallurgy & Resources, Material Science and Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Information, Arts and Law, Foreign Languages,Mathematics and Physics, Postgraduates Education, Continuing Education, Vocational Education, Physical Education, 43 bachelor-degree programs, 3 dual-bachelor-degree programs, 31 master-degree programs, and 4 engineering master-degree programs. Since 1995, the university has successfully jointly trained doctors with renowned foreign universities. In 2001, AHUT started to accept foreign students. AHUT has 12 provincial-level labs and research centers. In the past two years, AHUT has got over 40 awards with provincial –level or above, 24 patents, and 4000 papers published including more than 200 employed by SCI, EI etc.. In 2004, the university won Excellent Grade for its teaching quality evaluated by State Ministry of Education. In Ma’anshan Hi-tech Plaza, the University has constructed an area for science and technology development. Yearly output value of the university’s industry exceeds 200 million Yuan.


The International Affairs Office and International Exchange Center are responsible for the University’s international cooperation and exchange affairs. The University has carried out long-term academic exchange and cooperation with over 20 higher institutions in more than 10 countries, in the fields of industrial technology, management, culture, economics and education, AHUT has established quite a few international research centers and institutes to carry out inter-collegial and inter-governmental scientific research projects. The university also carries out students exchange programs with universities in America, Korea, Germany, Sweden, etc..


AHUT is always ready for potential cooperation and exchanges with international partners for common prosperity.


In accordance with the policy of reformation and opening, AHUT has established good academic exchange and co-operation relationship with universities and scientific research institutions in around 20 countries and regions. Every year the university dispatches many teachers for further study, visits and international conferences abroad. More and more oversea experts and scholars have been invited to the university for academic exchange, lectures, scientific research and co-operation. Good relations developed with foreign universities and institutions, scientific exchange and co-operation is also flouring, in almost every discipline. In addition to the exchanges of information, publications, visits of graduates and scholars and training programs, the university has also set up joint research institutes with some foreign university has also set up joint research institutes with some foreign universities so as to explore new technology and new products. In 2001, the university was authorized accepting international students.


With the background of further Internationalization of higher education, Anhui University of Technology has established firm academic exchange and cooperation partnership with universities and scientific research institutions in about 20 countries and regions around the world.


Every year, the university sends many staff and students abroad for further study, visits, international conferences and scientific research programs. Meanwhile, the university also welcomes various international professionals for exchange and cooperation exploration. Many more foreign professionals have been engaged as the visiting professors and honorary president of the university. They are endeavoring for developing the university and sharing the happiness of witnessing the growth of the university.


In root, the university started accepting international students who are valuing the international learning background for shaping their insight. Up to now, the university has carried out quite fruitful exchange of students with the universities in U.S., Korea, Germany and so on..


In addition to the exchanges of information, publications, students and professional, the university has also set up joint scientific research institutes with foreign universities and institutions for new technology and new products exploration.

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