Serve the Foreign Customers---One-Stop-Service Experience

  • Practical and Reliable Information
  • How do we get info:

    1. 1. Research Group: collects data and summarizes procedure of each industry by means of market research, data analysis and policy studies, which provide a common basis for our rankings.
    2. 2. Interview Group: interviews the related government departments, public institutes and excellent enterprises in order to solve problems for foreigners in China.
    3. 3. Customer Service Group: collects FAQs from foreign customers and consult with the related enterprises for solutions.
    4. 4. Translation & Editing Group: Integrate all the information collected above, translate and edit into articles and rankings and release to the relevant column on our website.
  • Features of Our Information:

    1. 1. Practical. One article solves one problem foreigners may encounter and one ranking helps them find the best enterprises of one place.
    2. 2. Accurate. Our staff can be found everywhere around China. They pay close attention to the latest policies, quotation and procedure of each industry and edit and translate them in time.
  • Excellent and Trustworthy Service Suppliers
    1. All foreign-related enterprises need to be selected and authorized by us. The Accreditation Standards cover 5 aspects: a. credit & reputation; b. strength & rank; c. international customer service; d. service categories & cost performance; e. service quality & efficiency. We give five stars to the best enterprises and only those with three stars or above are allowed to provide service to foreign customers.
  • Quality and Featured Service Products
    1. We select quality and featured products from excellent enterprises and present to foreign customers the most popular ones or those with the best cost performance according to our recommendation and customer evaluation.
  • Convenient and Enthusiastic Multilingual Customer Service
    1. We provide 24-hour English service to global customers by hotline, MSN, Skype, online consulting and E-mail, and offer multilingual E-mail consultation.
  • Timely and Effective Feedback
    1. 1. Reward. According to the purchase amount and our policies of point reward, foreign customers may apply for point reward after they receive services and use them for any services or gift exchange.
    2. 2. Comments and Complaints. If the foreign customer is dissatisfied with the service or the service supplier, he/she has the right to make complaint through his/her personal account. Those complaints are visible to all customers and finally have influence on the rank and reputation of certain enterprises.
  • Service Process