China Service Mall


Founded in 2006,China Service Mall™is a portal which committed to providing foreigners with China service information and consumer advice. We offer the useful information about study, travel, business and life in China to hundreds of millions of people from more than 160 countries and regions. We have collected and translated over 1,000,000 service information in English, which undoubtly enables us to be the largest international service and information supplier.

In May, 2008, China Easy Booking™ under the China Service Mall went up formally line. Besides tour package and hotel booking, we also offer more than 40 one-stop online booking services such as China visa application, China university application, mandarin training, lawyer service, exhibition booking, housekeeping service and job hunting. Besides, we even provide various types of point rewards. By the end of 2009, we have successfully provided services for more than 700,000 times and gradually become the largest international services platform in China.

We simultaneously release our English magazine China Service Mall™, which offers reliable references on China universities, scenic spots, travel routes and Chinese language training as well as excellent Chinese enterprises to foreigners by means of various service information, fine articles and multi-angle sensory experiences. Nowadays, we have issued millions of magazines to oversea countries such as Japan, Korea, Australia and European and American. And they can be found in academic libraries, dormitories, international flights, star hotels, international travel agencies and office premises and so on. By now we have a readership of over 70 millions.

Integrating the interactive website with magazines, China Service Mall aims to be the best international platform for information exchange. With the core principle of customer focus, we are dedicated to creating an excellent national brand.

Our Mission

  • For our customers

    1. Provide a wealth of practical information services
    2. Provide high-quality services and enterprises
    3. Provide multi-lingual, fast and convenient reservation and consultation
  • For our cooperative enterprises

    1. Provide International brand marketing and promotion
    2. Recommend high-quality international customers
    3. Provide professional support of international customer service
  • For our team members

    1. Provide a stage to play your expertise and realize your dreams
    2. Provide fair opportunities for promotion
    3. Grow up together, share together


We always put customers first and respect them as well as our staff.

Innovation is the essence of our company. We consider the concept innovation as our leader, the stratagem innovation as our direction and the marketing innovation as our aim so that we develop from nothing and grow bigger and bigger and finally go to the world.

To contribute to the community is our mission. As a platform to promote best China service to the world, we not only care about benefits of customers and ourselves, but also undertake social responsibilities and establish China services brands.

Innovation is our constant corporation culture.

Higher goal is our perpetual pursuit.