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A Survey of Anshan Normal University
    Anshan Normal University was founded in 1958 and is the only higher normal university in Anshan city. Anshan Normal University, situated in the southeast of Anshan City, stands on the east of the picturesque and cultural Mt. Qian and on the north of the massive Iron and Steel Corporation. Under such a specific background, the university particularly grows with her academic life through nature and modernization.
The university occupies 750,000 sq. m., which includes 5 campuses. Currently, the university has 11 academic departments, 3 teaching sections directly under the control of the president and 32 undergraduate programs in 7 subjects such as arts, history, science, engineering, law, education and management. 4 functional schools are as follows: the School of International Exchange, the School of Adult Education, the School of Advanced Vocational Technology and the School of Applied Sciences. Another trade school, namely Medical School is affiliated to Anshan Normal University. There are approximately 15,000 full-time students and 1,500 full-time professional instructors, among whom there are over 300 instructors with superior qualifications. Meanwhile, the university invites several world widely prestigious experts and masters from the Academy of Sciences of China as the visiting professors.
    During the last few years, the university has been responsible for 102 scientific projects at national, provincial and municipal levels, one of which is the national funded project of natural sciences, one is the national funded project of social sciences and five are national and divisional projects in the State Council. On those hardworking researches, the university has released 2636 provincial leveled articles, of which 45 articles are retrieved by SCI, EI and ISTP. Apart from the researches, the university has furthermore published 88 teaching materials and technical essays. Additionally, the university owns twelve research institutions.
    The university pays more attention to inter-college exchanges of science and technology, culture and education. During the last few years the university has had more than 500 international students from different countries. It has also established friendly collaborative ties with over 20 universities and educational institutes from the USA, Britain, Korea, and Australia. In particular, the university experiences a successful cooperation program with the University of Paisley. In addition, the university still collaborates with Daegu University, Korea and the Leuven University of Belgium, so as to foster the international exchange of science & technology, culture and education.
    While facing all the challenges at this strategic era of the new century, Anshan Normal University, under the school motto-—pursuing profoundness and elegance and combining knowledge and action, persists in striving for a multidiscipline, open and local university with the adoption of humanity and science.

Welcome to study at Anshan Normal University(鞍山师范学院)