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Business College of Beijing Union University (BCBUU), founded in 1978 and subordinated to Beijing Municipal Government, has an enrollment of over 2000 full-time students. It is one of the 17 colleges of Beijing Union University with its specialties focused on business, economics and management. Bachelor degree from Beijing Union University instead of from our Business College is awarded upon completion of four-year study at BCBUU. The educational goal for BCBUU is to train more practical talents of international business.
The location of BCBUU within the Central Business District of Beijing (CBD) puts you at the very center of the city’s excitement. The Beijing CBD is home to a variety of corporate regional headquarters, shopping malls, and high-end housing.
Internationalization is essential to the mission of BCBUU. We are committed to integrating international and multicultural perspectives into our teaching, research and service functions. This commitment is reflected in the foreign teachers at the college, the joint academic programs with overseas universities and in the international students on the campus. Over 460 Chinese students have already been joined the “3+1” articulating program between BCBUU and the University of the West of Scotland in UK to obtain bachelor degrees from these two universities. Over 60 students from 17 different countries like Korea, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, Peru, Philippine, Sweden, Kenya and Albania and so on have studied at BCBUU.
International students have the opportunity to choose specialty study or Chinese language learning program on BCBUU campus, and more excitingly, further study in our cooperative universities in UK or Canada. BCBUU offers such a diversity of programs that you will find something that intrigues and challenges you.
We are committed to excellence in teaching and services for students. This means that we keep our classes small, our professors involved, and our students engaged in exciting practical internship.

Welcome to study at Business College of Beijing Union University(北京联合大学商务学院)