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Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) was founded in 1960. It is a key university under the administration of the Beijing municipal government. The university is one of the 100 key universities of the “211 project”. Its mission is “relying on Beijing, merging into Beijing, inspiring China and orienting itself to the world.” In fulfilling this mission, the university has become a base for cultivating qualified high-level personnel, for scientific and technological innovation and for research and development.
Currently BJUT has 1,486 full-time teaching staff, including 296 Professors, 770 Associate Professor or Senior Engineers, 8 academicians,3 ‘Chang Jiang Scholar Program’ scholar, 5 National Outstanding Contribution specialists,36 specialists enjoying Government Special Allowance, and about 21 international teachers. Currently there are 12,435 undergraduate students and 4,352 postgraduate students. The campus of the university occupies an area of more than 80 hectares and built floor area totaling about 700,000 square meters. Centering on areas such as electronic information, bioengineering and new medicine, optical-mechanical-electronic integration, new materials, environmental protection and resources, urban construction and administration and the requirement of industries, the university has substantially adjusted and optimized its academic structure and established 16 colleges.
The university offers 43 Bachelor’s Degree programs, 81 Master’s programs, 17 Engineering Master’s Degree programs, 45 Doctor’s Degree programs, 13 postdoctoral research programs. It has 3 State Key Disciplines – Optics,Structural Engineering and Material Sciences respectively, 14 Beijing Key disciplines, 18 disciplines receiving privileged support from Beijing municipality, 2 key labs of Ministry of Education, 3 Province-MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) Co-Key Labs, 13 key labs or research bases of Beijing municipality. In addition, the university is the location of the National Research Center of Precision and Suppression Process Engineering, National Center of Laser Processing, Sino-German Center of Laser Technology, Engineering Research Center of Digital Community, Engineering Center of Advanced Manufacture Technology on Automobile Components, Ministry of Education.
The University has set up several joint degree programs with its international partners, such as the Sino-Australian joint program of Bachelor’s Degree in Information Engineering, and the Sino-American joint program of Master’s Degree in Engineering Management. The University encourages its registered students to go abroad to study through collegiate exchange programs, and more than 50 students can benefit from the exchange programs yearly. At the same time, the University is making great efforts in attracting more and more international students. Presently more than 400 international students are studying at BJUT. The Chinese Language Training courses and Cultural and Economic Courses in English are specially designed for international students.
Under the leadership of Beijing Municipal Government, all the BJUT faculty members and students will seize the strategic opportunity rendered by the 11th 5-year-plan, a key periodical blueprint for the country’s development. It will fulfill the scientific concept of development in all frontiers of the university’s reform and expansion—in teaching, scientific research, administration, service and studies and so forth. Moreover, BJUT will spare no efforts in improving the education that it provides and turning Beijing University of Technology into a top-level university.

Welcome to study at Beijing University of Technology(北京工业大学)